Monday, August 3, 2009

This is a repost...for ENCOURAGEMENT!

I am reviewing my thoughts from the beginning of this year. I am using my own words to encourage myself. I pray that this imformation is timely for you as well.


Happy New Year to each one of you! With every passing year most of us take time for introspection and reflection. As I sat and thought about this past year, my heart was overjoyed and sorrowful. There were many great days, many times the Lord showed Himself, many days I was graced with godly wisdom and insight, many days of joy with family, many blessings in friends that proved to be true. In 2008 there were lots of transitions. The ones I am most grateful for, I was unable to accomplish alone. For instance the growing desire to seek the Lord in prayer. Prayer for my husband, children, and neighbor from all locations. I believe my heart has changed toward human kind in general. I am more loving and gentle with people, increasingly bold, and confident in Christ ability to work through me. Again, none of this could have been accomplished without the grace of God in Christ Jesus worked out by the Holy Spirit. So there is a summary of the joy.

Here is the summary of the sorrow. While dramatic and even drastic changes have taken place for the glory of God, some areas have remained unchanged and even worse. I wondered how could these things be? How is it possible in one breath to grow so much and then in another not move at all or even be worse? Through my introspection and reflection I found that I lacked focus and faith in those areas. I don't mean name it and claim it, or speak and it will be so. I simply mean not believing that the Lord would do this or that in me.

You know when you have a goal, your eye is on the prize. Of course along the way there will be pitfalls but when you are fixed on the goal the pitfalls serve as building blocks. However, when you lack focus and faith, pitfalls are huge holes that cause one to look back. I have said this many times in 2008...the Children of Israel complained and wanted to go back to Egypt because it was easier to trust and have faith in what they could see versus trusting the God whom they could not. Many of us have condemning attitudes about the Israelites but given similar situations we would do and often actually repeat the same actions.

Okay back to the main point..I am sorrowful over my lack of faith in some areas throughout the 2008 year. That lack has me looking back and saying " I am in the same place in this area...oh, and even worse in that area". The truth is, I have learned to seek the Lord and know full well that He always hears the cries of His children. Now whether or not He answers in my time is another topic all together. The Lord's delay can not be the pitfall that deters me. The Lord's delay should be the building block that drive me, and in due time His answer will be my delight.

So the title Now is the's 2009 comes from a cool rhyme, but ultimately from the thought that now is the time to trust the Lord like I have not before. Now is the time to believe what seems impossible, now is the time to walk fruitful in Christ, now is the time to believe that dreams deferred can be realities in Christ. Don't let pitfalls or delays lead back to Egypt but let them lead to Christ. So for me it is time to pursue Christ and see Him manifest awesome things in this vessel of clay.

I would encourage you to seek the Lord and ask Him to show you, yourself. Are you longing for Egypt and lacking faith in Him?

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