Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summertime Fun Review!

As I reflect on the summer I realize we accomplished a tremendous amount of things. The kids and I learned how to work together in our home to accomplish tasks. They were wonderful at relieving me of the complete burden (oh I meant joy) of household chores and meal preparations. It was really a blessing, so much so that we spend one to two hours on house stuff (daily) and had the rest of the day for whatever else. We had art days, jam making days, farmers market days, Friday coffee days, sleepover days, swim days, vacations days, gym & fitness days, doula days, ministry days, family days, and friend days. We really took the time to hang out and get to know ourselves and others.

One piece of advise I would share with mothers of boys. As your boy gets older and bonding seems he wants to do this and you don't (video games etc.). I found a wonderful healthy source of bonding with my son this summer. It was exercise. Boys love to be physical. I found that working out with my son drove me to be awesome and him too. I mean doesn't every woman want her son to think she rocks at cardio or weight lifting? We were able to encourage each other along the way. These were some of the sweetest days of summer.

Now it is back to school with schedules, homework, football practice, cheerleading, and the list goes on. My main goal is to keep the intimate connection with each one of my children throughtout this school year. Our heart is to continue to develop godly character and smart kids! :)

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