Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

As we embark on this new year, I am sitting and asking myself what do I seek to accomplish with the voice I have developed as the Woman on the Vine?  Honestly, I am not sure.  Do I just share my heart? Do I share what is happening in the ministry?  Do I focus on women's issues?  The list of questions goes on and on.  However there is one topic I am passionate about yet have spent little time blogging about.  That topic would be birth and God's design of the human body.  As you may already know I am a doula.  A doula is a professional labor support coach. 

Everyday I learn more and more about how wonderfully God designed the human body.  While the average person stops at the point of being in awe of the human, I immediately feel worshipful to the Creator! We may dig into the fears that we as women and people have about birth and why that is. 

Again, I don't know.  We will discover together what is important to share in the coming days and months.  If you have a topic you would like to see discussed then leave a comment and let's talk about it.



These Three Kings said...

I would love to talk more about parenting. ( how to stay reminded that children are a blessing, perseverance and patience in the every day training of a child)

You have encouraged me greatly as a wife.. I need some help with my child now.. lol


ps cant wait to read more about what you are learning as well as a Doula :)

Nicolle said...

Thanks for the insight Nicole. For those who are new to my blog I am not talking to myself. :) Nicole is my These Three Kings sister in Christ!

It is funny the you should mention parenting...because most days I feel like I need to be reminded of everything you just wrote about. Here is the good part. Writing about it will certainly keep me focused on the very thing I am struggleing with. Perfect and timely suggestion!

I praise God the He used me in some way to encourage you as a wife. Let's work together and be encouraged about parenting. :)