Friday, September 3, 2010

What's Happening Now

Okay so seriously I have not had time to breathe!  I know that doesn't sound like a good thing but let me tell it is.  As far a ministry is concerned God is jumpin off some huge events!  We have been working for sometime now to establish a trailer in the community.  It would serve as the community center were tutoring, counseling, bible study, meetings and feedings would be held.  Well, that mobile home was moved into the park on Wednesday.  It is so wonderful.  We still have a lot of work to do inside the mobile home.  We need your help to do it.  We are scheduled for a renovation project on September 11, 2010.  In order to accomplish that work we need $2,000.00.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that we can raise those funds in a matter of days.  Why am I so confident?  Well, only because of the God I serve.  He has been consistent in meeting our needs.  He does own everything!  Remember.  It would be awesome if you would like to donate through our website in order to help us accomplish the goal of having a facility in the community that can be used for the glory of God and the joy of people.  Friends we are apart of building the Kingdom for God!  It is an amazing opportunity.  Join us in this effort.  You can also purchase a Home Depot Gift Card in any amount and that will be used towards the renovation of the community center in Oakwood Village Mobile Home Park. 


The Lord laid on my husband's heart to establish a shelter.  This Hope Shelter would serve as immediate shelter for our community.  At this point there isn't an immediate emergency shelter.  So with lots of prayers and believing God for provision and direction we shared that vision at our Appreciation Banquet in July.  We the God we serve is abundant is blessing and clear with His plans.  One week ago today we were offered 1.33 acres of land and a 20,000 sq. ft facility to serve as the Hope Shelter.  By offered I mean donated without charge as long as the Gospel will be proclaimed and the work of the Lord will continue.  So, uh YES!  That is what we are about.  We currently have two grants in for renovations of that facility.  We will also be raising funds and partnering with businesses and people to make that vision come to full fruition.  So when you pray please pray for that effort in every way that you can think of.  We are blessed but need your prayers. 


That is just the half.  I will give more updates soon.  Here is a look at the upcoming events calendar.

September 11, 2010 Nehemiah Project Community Center Renovations  (get involved by donating finances, time, materials and labor)

September 18, 2010 God, Gospel and Poverty Seminar

September 24-26, 2010 Immersion  (40 Hours of Intense Immersion in Poverty)

September 26, 2010 Community Lunch with First Baptist Church in Conway

October 30, 2010 World Banquet (tickets on sale September 15, 2010 see website for more details)

November 21, 2010 Thanksgiving Banquet

December 6-10, 2010 Christmas Store

These are current major events.  Reply to this post, FB, email or check out the website for more details on any one of these events.  Thanks

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